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Glare™ is a specialised tool designed to provide a reliable and standardised measurement of students’ listening, reading, speaking, and writing abilities, assessing their attitudes, knowledge, and skills. It also features an integrated system of online assessment that evaluates students’ learning outcomes based on various factors that impact their academic performance, both inside and outside school.

With comprehensive score reports that reveal current capabilities and suggest solutions for improvement, Glare™ offers invaluable benefits that contribute to students’ academic success in several aspects. These include establishing a baseline for tracking progress, identifying strengths and areas for improvement, and informing teaching strategies to support ongoing student learning.

By using Glare™, educators can effectively help students achieve their academic goals more, and improve the quality of their overall teaching experience.



GRADE: High School

DURATION: 3 hrs. 30 mins.

LISTENING: 45 mins.

READING: 75 mins.

WRITING: 60 mins.

SPEAKING: 30 mins.

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