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HighScope Series

4SKILLS® Assessment High Scope Series not only evaluates English but also tests in languages such as German, Spanish, and Russian, measuring multilingual competencies.


DURATION: 20 mins.
SPEAKING: 20 mins.


DURATION: 2 hrs. 30 mins.
LISTENING: 40 mins.
READING: 40 mins.
WRITING: 35 mins.
SPEAKING: 35 mins.

DURATION: 2 hrs.
LISTENING: 45 mins.
READING: 45 mins.
SPEAKING: 30 mins.


DURATION: 2 hrs. 10 mins.
LISTENING: 35 mins.
READING: 35 mins.
WRITING: 30 mins.
SPEAKING: 30 mins.

"Empower your educational journey with 4SKILLS ASSESSMENT's Young Learner Series. Discover a tailored suite of tests designed for young minds. For personalized guidance in selecting the most suitable test for your institution, explore our Test Recommendation Service – ensuring precision in evaluating young learners' language skills."

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